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Robert Eastman

SMB Research LLC, co-founded by Robert Eastman and Miles Prescott, is a technology analyst firm delivering customized research and analysis, and actionable advisory to the emerging, small-to-medium (SMB), midmarket, and enterprise business sectors.

Robert Eastman is an Industry Analyst with strong competencies in research and analysis; cross-industry research; business process and technology Best Practices. Specific Industry experience working with Fortune100 to Fortune500 clients in Life Sciences, Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer Electronics High Tech, Aerospace & Defense, and Industrial and General Manufacturing clients. Strong record of working with clients through hundreds of solicitations and evaluations. Experience working in Discrete, Process and Hybrid manufacturing industries, and in Analyst and Consulting engagements.

  • Analyst, Supply Chain process, Policies and Procedures, Best Practices, and technologies
  • Performing customized research in Sourcing and Procurement, and Supply Chain Management
  • Delivering customized research and analysis for wide range of clients
  • Co-Founder and former Managing Director of SMB Research
  • Developed new Advisory Service delivery model for SMB (small-to-medium business) sector
  • Research, analysis, and custom research projects for SMB, midmarket, and enterprise-level sectors
  • Performed and published research & analysis on Traditional, New and Social technologies


Mr. Eastman has been involved in a range of consulting, procurement and training endeavors, including:

• Participating in numerous Procurement System Reviews of Federal Transit Administration grantees

• Assisting clients through more than a hundred RFPs in the software and technology industries

• Developing tools, templates, and customized research to support system evaluations, and other specific training requirements

• Delivering custom business process and technology research and analysis to assigned industry-specific client bases in Life Sciences, Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer Electronics, Energy, High Tech, Aerospace & Defense, and Industrial and General Manufacturing industries

• Performing customized research and analysis in areas of procurement, strategic sourcing, supply chain, and supporting technologies to strategic Fortune500 clients

• Delivering Technical, Pricing, Competitive, Service, and Technology analysis in the Discreet, Process, Hybrid and High Tech manufacturing industries, and as a technology analyst

• Conducting and publishing research and analysis on Traditional, New and Social technologies

• Authoring numerous articles for blogs, magazines and other publications

Robert has an MBA from Babson College.  He is also a certified Industry Analyst Professional (CIARP).