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Research and Analysis focused on
New, Emerging, and Traditional technologies and Best Practices

  1. What do you wish you knew that you don’t know?
  2. What could you know that would enable you to execute faster and better?
  3. What do you wish you could be executing on this week? this month?

SMB Research Delivers:

Research & analysis, and strategic insights customized for you
Technology, business, and industry research and due diligence
Landscapes, profiles, analysis on software sectors / technologies
Research on Best Practices, and deployment strategies
Technology evaluations
IT Strategy scans / assessments
Technology strategy
Marketing, Product, Go To Market strategies
Custom Research, Analysis, Consulting

Industry Expertise

Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Packaged Goods, Distributors, Energy, Fortune100, Fortune500, Fortune1000, Government / Public sector, High Tech, Industrial, Life Sciences, Paper, Semiconductor, Service providers, Small-to-medium business (SMB), Software and Technology vendors and service providers, Telecommunications