Day “1″ of Interop New York 2011

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On our Day 1 at Interop New York 2011 (actually the 3rd day of the conference), SMB Research arrived to find the event well in swing, with a lot of enthusiastic attendees, and the exhibit hall of more than 150 exhibitors very full, and very busy.

We found it fortunate, therefore, to be able to steal away StrataScale‘s Denoid Tucker (V.P. of Technology) and Doug Adams (V.P. of Sales and Marketing) from their booth for a few minutes.  There are two things to like about this vendor right from the start:  they do not call themselves cloud service providers (and don’t we have enough of those?), and StrataScale talks honestly about their competition, where so many others resort to the tired evasion that they have no competition.

StrataScale is an Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), not so much by virtue of a a single pure IaaS offering but more from the overall mix of what they bring to market, focusing on the SMB (small-to-medium business).  A unit of RagingWire, StrataScale started with their IronScale dedicated server hosting service about 3 years ago.  (Among others, the Data Center Infrastructure Group wrote about the IronScale offering at the time: “Automated Virtual Management of Data Centers is the new End Game“. )

The IronScale side of the business continues to be well over half of the business.  While overhauling their business and marketing strategy, however, StrataScale has also introduced cloud solutions in two flavors that StrataScale calls: (1) Public Cloud, and (2) Private Cloud.

Terminology / Nomenclature Alert:   What StrataScale means by ‘private cloud” is not what is typically meant by private cloud, which Stratascale says is intentional on their part, at the obvious risk of trying to co-opt this industry terminology for their own purposes.

StrataScale’s cloud solutions two offerings are really a dedicated (“private”), and a shared (“public”),  cloud service that leverages their 3 data center facilities:  2 in California and a new data center in Virginia.   Raging Wire offers co-location services, and StrataScale likes to talk about how this allows them to offer the particular advantage of connecting a customer’s legacy co-located servers on the same subnet as their servers hosted by StrataScale.

With a relatively new management, reinvigorated marketing strategy and push, and new attention to their channel partners, StrataScale is likely to begin making more noise in the market.

One vendor down, and only another 149 or so to go  for SMB Research.

Interop has attracted quite a few of the best-known technology names (including HP, Microsoft, Terremark, Amazon Web Services, and Cisco, to name a few), as well  as other notable vendors trying hard to make their presence known:  CenturyLink, Rackspace, NetScout, eVault, Quest, R1Soft, Altior, and many more.

Given the number of vendors here, and 5+ concurrent sessions to choose from in every time slot, we have our work cut out for us.   Stay tuned.  Or, to hear even more take-aways and insights from SMB Research’s great New York Interop adventure, give us a call.

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