An Introduction to Supply Chain Management from ASU

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If you are new to the world of supply chain management, there is no dearth of sources and resources for you to tap into to learn what supply chain management is, and what it means for you.  There are also no dearth of sources to find out where these resources are.

Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey school of Business, long renowned for its supply chain management program, has just put out the first in a series of 12 video modules on supply chain management.  (Which I would not have perhaps noticed but for ReliablePlant.)

The first module, “What is Supply Chain Management?“, although very basic, is an excellent (and manageable) 8-minute video worth watching for anyone looking for a supply chain 101 tutorial.

Modules to follow:

  • Module 2 – “Buy It: Managing Supply”
  • Module 3 – “Make It: Manufacturing and Operations”
  • Module 4 – “Move It: Transportation and Logistics”
  • Module 5 – “Sell It and Service It: Retail Considerations”
  • Module 6 – “Supply Chain Integration”
  • Module 7 – “Global Supply Chain Management”
  • Module 8 – “Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management”
  • Module 9 – “Business Processes”
  • Module 10 – “Measuring Performance”
  • Module 11 – “Quality Management”
  • Module 12 – “Supply Chains and Information Technology”

More information on this video series can be obtained by email to the W. P. Carey Department of Supply Chain Management, at Phone (480) 965-6044.


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