SMB Research debuts a new feature on the SMB Research Blog: “Taking Stock”

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SMB Research debuts a new feature on our blog today: “Taking Stock“, an irregular  (but frequent), sometimes irreverent, stream of consciousness piece that delivers to you in near real-time insights and ideas that SMB Research are still percolating into articles and posts for our Blog.  (You can also follow SMB Research on twitter at  @smbresearch.)

We have been talking about this for awhile now, as a way to send along to you in short, digestible “bursts” what we are hearing ‘in the hallways’, learning ‘on the street’, etc. – use whatever geo-analogy you like.

At any one time, we are working on no less than 5-6 research projects, and at least as many research-based articles for our blog, as well as a small number of custom research assignments.  “Taking Stock” will provide us a way to pass along in a punchy, engaging way (we hope) what we are hearing and learning between our longer research pieces.

Taking Stock” will also include calls to action for you, our readers, clients, and prospective clients, while also inviting you to come to us for probe further anything that is of particular interest – or to offer us an area that you would like us to look into. (Our valued clients always get preferential treatment!)

Coming soon to a Blog near you – “Taking Stock” – only from SMB Research, the technology analyst firm with big ideas about delivering large firm advisory to the emerging, growing and thriving small-to-medium(-to-larger) business sector.

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