SMB Research – Taking Stock: SYSPRO, Lawson Software, Interprise Solutions

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SYSPRO, the long-time private ERP vendor will be presenting on June 8, 2011 in New York City at the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Show.   SYSPRO has been around for more than 30 years, and continually showing up on the evaluation lists of midsize companies, particularly in the food, medical devices, electronics, machinery/equipment and distribution industries, looking for a cost-effective full-featured system. There will be a number of vendors exhibiting at the Show. SYSPRO is one that we would recommend you take a closer look at if you are in the market and can make it to this show.  This presentation is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 8th, at 3:00 pm; we recommend re-checking the schedule at the show, which runs June 7th – 9th.

Lawson Software has announced the general availability of Lawson M3 Counter Sales for Distribution, which is a significant and perhaps overdue contribution to its product line.  This solution is particularly designed for branch locations that have a sales counter.  Lawson’s Ian Wahlers, industry director for Distribution said: “Counter sales processes are a critical point of customer service for companies in manufacturing and distribution. These organizations typically offer sales from large product assortments, and require a high degree of flexibility and performance…[Lawson M3 Counter Sales for Distribution] offers a configurable user interface and flexibility. This helps counter sales associates access timely information about products and the customer they are serving.”

Interprise Solutions has announced that Ezra Weinstein has joined the company as VP of Point of Sale / Mobile products, a new division of Interprise Solutions.  Mr. Weinstein founded Premier POS in 1998 and later, following the the 2009 merger of Darwin Productions Inc with Premier POS, became the president of  the merged entity now called Tradepoint 360, Inc.

We enjoyed getting an introduction to Skeey Interactive‘s VendorRisk solution recently.  We knew that Al Shaw was destined for greater things when we worked with him at AMR Research some years ago.  He and a team have put together a straightforward, clean vendor risk solution, which actually goes beyond vendor risk management to incorporate some simple system selection capability and IT asset management.  VendorRisk has found some early traction in the financial services community.  Its clean lines, nice GUI, and end-user customizability means however that SMBs in any number of industries could find this a good first systematizing of vendor risk, or a nice upgrade from a current excel-based system.

Waterloo Manufacturing Software‘s Andy Gilman reports 3 new recent customers for its TACTIC advanced planning and scheduling software.  Based here in Wellesley, MA, this 20-year old firm markets its solution to discrete manufacturers.  Expect to hear more from us about Waterloo in the weeks ahead.

Reading Ziff Davis‘ “Spending on Cloud Computing” survey results, from CIO Insight Research.  A couple of things jump out at me:  47% of companies who described themselves as being “involved in cloud computing purchasing or budgeting” (they had at least 50 employees) said they have a dedicated budget for public cloud computing.  Nearly as many (42%) report having a dedicated budget for private cloud computing.  This is a little higher than I would have expected. Do you have a dedicated budget for cloud computing?  Tell us about it.

If you are an Everest Software customer (or recently been an Everest Software customer), we would like to speak with you as part of some research that we are doing.

Disclosure: SMB Research does not currently have financial relationships with any of the vendors mentioned.


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